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Boys Tennis Update!


Practice schedule (updated Friday): (***Please see location)

  • Saturday 2/15/20- Weddington HS/MS Courts 1:30-3:00pm
  • Monday 2/17/20- WSRC (racquet club) 6:30-8:00pm
  • Wednesday 2/19/20- WSRC (racquet club) 6:30-8:00pm


Weddington MS Boys Tennis Team Ladder:

  1. Baha Kariev
  2. Austin Corbett
  3. Vishruth Katari
  4. Grant Lindenburg
  5. Vivek Patel
  6. Ryan Brooker
  7. Karthik Vazrala
  8. Savith Tata
  9. Prathmesh Vijayakumar
  10. Srihan Vemuru
  11. Ronit Dey
  12. Rishik Kandru 

Ladder Rules:

  • This is just a starting place- Players are encouraged to challenge each other and gain experience playing in real matches. The coaches did our best to find a starting place. We expect this to change. 
  • A player can challenge up 1 or 2 positions. If the player challenging wins, he will take the spot of the player he beat and the and ladder will shift down (it is possible to move up 1 or 2 spots per challenge). It is up to the player challenging to figure out when and where to play and provide balls. Feel free to start challenging now! Most kids will do it via text with each other or can let the coaches know at practice. 
  • Challenge matches will be 8 game prosets (unless mutually agreed upon by both players). Ad Scoring. You can play a challenge match at practice with coach's approval ahead of time. No-Ad scoring at practice. Challenge matches can be played anywhere/anytime players set-up.
  • No player can be challenged more than once in a week (7 day period).
  • A player can challenge up to 2X in a week (7 day period).
  • Once matches begin on March 4th, we may adjust the ladder rules on Challenges. TBD.


Current Match Schedule:

3/4/20 Wednesday- Away vs Marvin Ridge

3/11/20 Wednesday- Home vs Cuthberson

3/19/20 Thursday- Home vs South Charlotte MS

3/23/20 Monday- Home vs Marvin Ridge

3/24/20 Tuesday- Away vs Cuthberson

3/31/20 Tuesday- **Tentative intrasquad Home

4/6/20 Monday- Home vs Charlotte Prep

4/8/20 Wednesday- Home vs Union Academy

4/22/20 Wednesday**Tentative intrasquad Home

4/23/20- Thursday- Home vs Holy Trinity 

4/24/20- Friday- Away vs Charlotte Prep


  • All Home Matches will be played at the Weddington HS/MS courts
  • What is "Intrasquad"? As we build the match schedule out, we have blocked days that the Courts are available for matches. We will try to book matches on these dates iwth other schools but our backup plan is to play each other in a 6 vs 6 Match. We'll split our team evenly and everyone will play- 6 lines of singles and 3 lines of doubles. Should be competivie and a lot of fun. We will wear uniforms and treat this like a real match for player development.