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Tryout Information:

Tryouts will be three days (Feb 3rd-5th) on the Band Field.  (The time is TBD right now pending coordination with the WHS Lacrosse teams.)

We will be running normal lacrosse field drills.  This includes stick drills, ground ball drills, 1v1s, transition play, and 6v6 scrimmaging.   However, there will also be running and stick skill events using the rebounder.    

Full lacrosse gear is required for tryouts (stick, helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, & mouth-guard).

During the tryouts, there will be running events to test speed and stamina (bring running shoes). Over the three days we will test the following:

  • 1600M run on track or 1-mile trail run (if track is not available for use)
    • Time Standard:
      • 6th grade 7:30
      • 7th grade 7:15
      • 8th grade 7:00


  • 150 Shuttle runs:
    • Start cone plus 5 cones @ 5 yd intervals – sprint out and back to each cone once
    • Time Standard: 4 rounds, each round in 35 sec, 1 min rest in between


  • 300 Shuttle runs:
    • Start cone and 1 cone @ 25 yds – sprint out and back six times
    • Time Standard: 2 rounds, each round in 70 sec, 2 min rest in between


  • There will also be 40 yd sprints throughout each day


  • We will also individually test stick skills on the rebounder:
    • Max repetitions (NOT quick-sticks, but normal throwing motion) in 30 sec. Two rounds testing both right hand and then left hand passing/catching
    • Player stands 5-7 yds from the rebounder (with three extra balls on the ground for misses)


Questions: contact Craig Wirth at wms.laxcoach.wirth@gmail.com