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Tuesday August 3rd 6-7pm on WHS Tennis Courts
Rain Date: Wednesday Aug 4th 6-7pm on WHS Tennis Courts
Hello Tennis Team Families,
We are Coach Hall and Coach Hughes, and we'll be leading the Weddington Middle School Girls 2021 Tennis Team this fall. We're in the process of working with the school to determine the time and location of conditioning and practice. We hope to have that information available for you by July 16, 2021.
Our coaching philosophy includes empowering our girls to be the best they can be, teaching tennis fundamentals, fostering a love of the sport, and cultivating curiosity/enthusiasm about being great team members and players. 
We are first-time coaches at Weddington Middle School and are in the process of learning and coordinating with all the various departments in athletics and WMSABC Board. Please be patient while we create a system of communication and information flow. We understand not knowing exact information can be challenging. We are working hard to create a schedule so once the team is selected, the information will be set and available. 
Here is our tentative schedule.
Team Conditioning and Tryouts: 
We're working toward having tennis conditioning July 26-29thfrom 6:00P-7:30P. Conditioning will be 1 ½ hours long. We will reserve July 30 as a rain day. We hope having practice in the evening will keep us out of the heat of the day. 
We understand your family may be traveling during conditioning and will not penalize any child for not attending tennis team conditioning. However, every child must try out to make the team.
Tryouts are tentatively scheduled on August 3 from 6:00P-7:30P. (subject to court availability) If it rains, we will hold tryouts on August 4.  We will announce who made the team on August 5 via email. 
Your child must bring a tennis racquet and water or Gatorade every day to help them stay hydrated. We will supply the tennis balls. There is no shade around the Weddington Middle School Courts, so please take care to have the girls wear sunscreen and be prepared for the heat and hard-court conditions. 
We will practice four days per week (including matches). Practice will begin the second week in August and continue for the entire fall sports season. We hope to have access to the tennis courts right after school so the team can go from school to the courts without going home. Ideally, practice will be from 4:30P-6:00PM, but we can't confirm the time yet. 
This schedule is contingent on the high school team's use of the courts. The high school team has priority over us. Weddington Middle School and High School use the same courts. The courts are located between the two schools. 
Parking near the courts is only possible when the gate in the gravel lot is open. If the gate is closed, parents must park at the top of the hill in the gravel lot and walk down to the tennis courts.  
If we have difficulty using the school courts, we will ask parents and guardians who have access to tennis courts to help us provide practice courts. We understand this is not ideal, but it is sometimes necessary. 
Once the team is selected, we'll have to place our uniform order ASAP to ensure the girls are prepared for their first match.
We hope to play one match against other schools per week for the season. Parents are responsible for all transportation to and from matches. Matches typically are from 4:30 PM-7 PM.
The Fall Tennis Team season ends around the first week of October. 
Team Ranking:
We will create a system to rank the members of the team. This will include evaluating each player's skill set, competitive style, and cooperation during practice. Players will know their rank and support each other during practice, games, and improving during the season.
We will provide opportunities for the players to play matches against their teammates to move up in rank. We understand everyone can have a bad day or two and base the ranking on abilities, attitude, and sportsmanship. 
We will tell the team who is playing singles and doubles before arriving at the matches and plan on having doubles partners practice together. Players will practice with all team members during warmups, drills, and practice match play.
Detailed communication guidelines will be posted once the team is selected. It will include emails, Group Me App communication, and Sign-Up Genius. Please allow a minimum of 24 hours for both Coach Hall and Coach Hughes to reply to any email message sent. 
 We look forward to seeing you out on the courts! 
Tammy Hall and Holly Hughes