Go Wildcats!!!!

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WMS Girl's Tennis Team Fall 2019


Coach:  Jody Droze

Assistant Coach:  Bryan Droze


Thank you to everyone for participating in try-outs these past two weeks and congratulations to our 2019 Girl's Tennis Team! 


This season is going to be competitive...you are going to learn new tennis skills and game strategies that will elevate your play to the next level...you will also learn the value of being part of a team both personally and competitively....but perhaps the most important aspect of tennis you will learn is that 70% of the game is 'mental' and the other 30% is 'skill'...so be prepared for lots of positivity, laughs and personal development as we grow together as a TEAM! 


Apoorva Jampani

Chloe Coogan

Hannah McManus

Peyton Price

Varsha Boilla

Lorelai Davis

Anjali Suresh

Anna Rolfes

Quinnlin Cayce

Sienna Droze

Elise Parsons

Anushka Remella

Cassie Schuijt

Mackenzie Rose Eason

Aura Shah

Esha Purohit

Kaley Leister




Practices will begin starting next week until the start of school as follows:


Thursday August 22nd 8:30-10am


*Please remember to bring plenty of water!

**Any changes to practice times due to weather will be broadcast through email.





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Due to team pictures, we will now have the parent  meeting on Thursday August 22nd @ 8am, at the WMS tennis courts, prior to our practice session.  The players are welcome to attend.