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2019 Varsity Squad 

 Practice begins on Thursday 7/25 from 9:30a - 11:15a

Bentley Roche                                                

Ayla Finley                     

Mia Brosterhous                                               

Aiden Colonna                                                   

Liliana Kenny

Eleni Fiore

Juliann Twer                                                       

Ava Guin

Elise Griffin                                                       

Chloe Wood 

Rilee Felcher                                                    

Madilyn Haines

Parent Meeting

             Will be held at WMS media center, tentatively scheduled for Tuesday 7/30 at 5:30p


Players who missed the cut, THANK YOU for trying out for the 2019 WMS volleyball squad!

Unfortunately, we were faced with the tough decision of picking only a handful of players. The coaching staff has made every effort to make the tryouts a fair and enjoyable experience for every player. We understand that not making a team is a disappointing.  It is also a time to hold your head high and to be proud of your accomplishments. Though you have not been selected to proceed in the process, we encourage you continue to practice and play to the best of your abilities. Work on the things that will make you a better player. There are a number of volleyball clubs with excellent programs in the area to help develop skill level, Carolina Junior Volleyball (CJV) and Carolina Union Volleyball Club (CUVC).


Feel free to contact us with questions or concerns, kadixie123@gmail.com / heatheranneglawe@yahoo.com will not reply until Thursday 7/26.


Coach Kathy

Coach Heather