Go Wildcats!!!!

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Preseason Cheer clinic for any girls interested in trying out for 6th-8th grade football cheer. 

Cheer Clinic will be held on Wednesdays from 5:00-6:00pm at WMS Wray Field. 

**Masks must be worn to and from practice area; temperature screening will take place

***Please bring signed preseason waiver to the first clinic. Waiver can be found on the home page of wmsabc.com or by going to the following link:  http://www.wmsabc.com/Page.asp?n=87164&org=wmsabc.com

If you have any questions, please contact Renee Tsefrikas at Rtsefrikas@gmail.com. 



WMS Cheer Videos


All tryout material & instructional videos can be found at this direct link:





Track Dances: You will do one of the Track Dance Combos for your tryout

#1–Chin Up 

#2-Baseball (2 ripples) (6th and 8th grade do 2ndripple on counts 7, 8; 7th grade does 1st ripple on counts 5,6)

#3-T-Bone & Victory

#4—Flash Dance

#5-Kicker (revised video on line)


#7-Choo-Choo Train

#8Watch the video on Transitional claps so you know what to do between the dances

Track dance Combo 1Flashdance, claps, Baseball, Shake-n-Bake (see video of combo on site)

Track dance Combo 2Chin-Up, claps, Baseball, claps, T-Bone  (see video of combo on site)

Track dance Combo 3:  Kicker, claps, Baseball, claps, ChoChoo Train (see video of combo on site)


Chants: (XX=claps) (*=pause)

1. Green! Green! Yell-it, White! White! (2 ripples) (6th and 8th grade do 1st ripple; 7th grade does 2nd ripple)
2. Go Cats! XX Go Cats! 
3. Up That Score, Cats, Up that Score!
4. Go! Hey, here we go! Wild Cats, Let’s Go! (6th and 8th grade do 1st ripple; 7th grade does 2nd ripple)
5. T-A-K-E Take it Take it
6. Defensive Line XX Take Charge!
7. Offense Wildcats Offense XX
8. XX Hey! XX We are the Cats!
9. Pushem back Cats Pushem back! XX
10. Take that ball away Big Green! Take that ball away!
11. Wildcats, Wildcats!  Get Tough!
12. Attack lets Fight! Go, Green! Go, White! (6th and 8th grade do 1st ripple; 7th grade does 2nd ripple
13. Get on your feet! Gooooooo Wildcats!
14. Cmon Crowd say it loud: Score, Cats, Score! XScore, Cats, Score! X


Band dances: 

1.  “Let’s Go Green” (all grades do ripple 3 only) 

2.  “Go Wildcats” (with 2 tricks)

3.  Go, Cats! Go, Cats, Go! (all grades do ripple 1 only)

4.  Woo  (mortal combat theme song remix)see revised video on website


We will continue to work on conditioning throughtout the season:

Toe Touch—see video

Bridge—see video

Splits—see video—both sides (don’t have to do center)

Cartwheel—see video—both right and left side cartwheels

Pushups—see video—10 without putting knees onground; sternum should touch the top of a can of food

Burpees—see video—15 in 60 secs

*Jump Rope—see video—5 min non stop 

Run—see instructional pdf--On outdoor track