Go Wildcats!!!!

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Speedo Pull Kick buoys were distributed to those that do not have their own kick board or pull buoy. Swimmers are responsible to bring these to and from each practice, and will return them at the end of the season. They are numbered and distributed as below. I will update the list as more are distributed. 

Speedo Pull Kick Kickboard and Pull Buoy product image


Name Kick Bouy #
Ishaan Kannan 1
Rylee Kidd 2
Brayden McCubbins 3
Beckett Warren 4
Stella Gregory 5
Allayna Madar 6
Charlotte Holcman 7
Meghna Chegireddy 8
Morgan Deppe 9
Nettie Miller 10
Alexa Nardozzi 11
Kendall Kawyn 12
Gabriella Horne 13
Ella Beauchemin 14
Maahi Mittal 15
Lucas Spence 16
Cannon Luedtke 17
Ashlyn LaBue  
Averie Belus  
Bayli Luttrell  
Brynn Anthony  
Ellory Carpenter  
Emily Connors  
Gloria Gao  
Kristina Bozanovic  
Laila Carlesimo  
Leah Calhoun  
Leah Wolfe  
Lianna Pron  
Lillian Leonard  
Maya Jorges  
Sahasra Yemineni  
Zoe Young  
Benjamin Kelly  
Bradley Willson  
Cooper Fazen  
Jack Van Order  
Jaden Guy  
Jason Pron  
Javier Perez  
Lucas Hollifield  
Lucas Zhang  
Nicholas Lipson  
Parker Dawson  
Yuval Dinodia  
Zachary Parham  
Zayan Sheriff