Go Wildcats!!!!

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2022 6th Grade Football Roster 


Equipment Handout
-Equipment handout will be on Thursday July 28th at 5:00pm at the WMSABC shed near Wray Field. You must bring a copy of your athletes birth certificate (we will need to keep the copy for our records) and a check made out to WMSABC for $250. We will not be able to give out equipement without a copy of the birth certificate and a check. We will only hold the check for uniform/equipment deposit and it will be returned when uniform/equipment is turned in at the end of the season. Uniform/equipment will be game day jersey, game day pants, pads and helments. 
Equipment Purchases
There are several items that will need to be purchased.Game day socks are $10; practice jerseys are $15; ties are $10- ONLY CASH or Venmo on-site will be accepted. Pink socks will be provided by booster club.
Team Meeting
There will be a parent meeting Thursday July 28th at 6:30pm at Wray Field.
First Practice will be Thursday 6:30-8:30pm, Friday AM 6:30-8:30am*, Saturday 7:30am-9:30am.
Mouth Pieces will be required for Saturday Practice. 
*Please note that Friday practice is in the morning and Saturday practice has been moved to early time. 
Congratulation to our 2022 6th Grade Football Team!!!
Badalyan Alexander
Bandazian Colton
Batt Charles
Beilke Matthew
Bernhard Brayden
Bernhard Collin
Blackburn Landyn
Colandra Brayden
Craig Noah
Craig Davis
Cunningham Cooper
Davidson Ryan
Devereaux Brayden
Devore Lucas
Frazier Austin
Fyans Declan
Haines Duncan
Harper Cruz
Henry Taedon
Hitchings Taylor
Hughes Walker
Hurni Braden
Jedelsky Ben
Keller Sawyer
Key Evan
Linton Finnley
Malhotra Aaryan
McCubbins Brayden
McGregor Karim
Mitchell Jacob
Molitor Brady
Morgan Parker
Neal Luke
Olsowske Quinn
Patel Jayin
Phelan Brody
Sanneman Robert
Smith Noah
Soccio Christopher
Spilde Ethan
Studzinski Walker
Yanz Andrew
Zylius Zachary