Go Wildcats!!!!

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100% STARTS NOW!! 

Attitude. Effort. Commitment.

    1. Introductions.


  1. TRYOUTS     
    1. Tryouts start promptly at 4:05. Be on the field ready to warm up!
    2. Attire – Plain white t-shirt. On the shirt front and back – grade level, last name on back above the number, first name on front above the number. Front emergency contact number. It’s probably going to be cold, so wear a long sleeve underneath t-shirt. Please wear softball pants, softball socks, and have your hair pulled back.
    3. Face mask, glove, cleats, bat(s), catching gear, water bottle.


    2. Practices will be: 4:05-5:45pm. Please be on time when picking up.
      1. Monday, Wednesday, Friday
    3. Practices start promptly at 4:05.  Be on the field and ready to warmup. 
    4. Attire – Grey softball pants, softball socks, tucked in shirt, hair pulled back.
    5. Face mask, glove, cleats, bat(s), catching gear, water bottle.


  1. GAMES
    2. Parents provide transportation to away games. 


  1. BATS :  In order for your bat to be considered a legal bat, it must have one of these 3 logos:                                                                             


    1. When your daughters are on the field be parents, not coaches.
    2. I will not entertain conversations about your daughters playing time at any point.  SHE can have a conversation with me. At that point we will discuss what she can work on to gain more playing time. 
    3. Do not engage in discussions with the umpires at any time during/after the game.  Heckling the umpires will not be tolerated.
    4. We are here to support all girls on the field.  Heckling the other team will also not be tolerated. We are here to represent Weddington Middle School. Anything other than good sportsmanship will not be accepted.