Go Wildcats!!!!

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The WMS Track and Field team does not use achievements as criteria for placement on the team.  Therefore there are not tryouts for track and field.


Inclusion on the team will be based on 

           1. Work ethic.  Please come to practice willing to work.  I want the students to have fun, but need them to particiapte in the workout for the day.  Distracting other team mates from their activities will not be accepted.


            2. Attitude: Students are welcome to discuss placements and progress but need to keep a positive attitude about workouts and assignments.  Whining and wailing about workouts or practice groups or meet assignments are not acceptable behaviors.  Complaints may be addressed with me via after practice discussion or email at any time but in a calm and rational manner.  we are hoping to have seven meets this season which will allow for experiencing multiple events or for extensive opportunity to grow in one skill set.  Please know that thought and consideration are given to all placements for practice groups and events.


            3. Attendance: Regular attendance is required. Missing a day every week is the equivalent of 20% absences.  Tutoring, illness and doctors' appointments are excused absences.  Please attempt to get the workout from a friend (I really prefer not to have to answer 8 emails a day about the practice for students that are missing) and to get in a similar workout independently if possible (obviously not in the event of illness).