Go Wildcats!!!!

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Dynamic Warm Up



Double Leg Squats

A Skips

B Skips

High Knees

Butt Kicks

Power Skips

Carioca Both Directions

Monster Walk

Knee Hugs


Backward Strides

Foot Drills

Hip Swings Left and Right, Front and Back



Lunges: To be completed with body in upright position. Use arms for balance, Hands not on knees.

Double Leg Squats: Body upright, Go down and up slowly, no bouncing.

A Skips: Short jerky skip.  Use arms.

B Skips: Skip with kick out of front leg. Use arms.

High Knees: Keep body tall, lift knees to parallel to ground, keep foot flexed.

Butt Kicks: Move feet quickly but move forward slowly.

Power skips: Use exaggerated arms to drive skip as high as possible. Focus on height instead of distance.

Carioca: Keep hips and shoulders square.  Use arms for balance. Bring trailing leg up high in front.  Slowly.

Monster Walk: Reach opposite arm across to leg.  Keep body upright.

Knee Hugs: Pull knee up to chest.  Keep body tall.

Ankles: Pull ankle up toward waist.

Backward Strides: Use exaggerated arms, reach back with each leg for large steps, quickly.

Foot Drills: Step over a designated line with each foot quickly. 

Taco Tuesday/Thursday

Double Leg Hops: Use exaggerated arms to propel standing broad jumps.  Controlled jumps one at a time.  No steps between jumps.

Single Leg Hops: Use exaggerated arms to propel long jumps on one leg. No steps between jumps.