Go Wildcats!!!!

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Welcome to the 2019 Weddington Middle School Cross Country team! 



Head coach        Chris Barajas                  weddingtontt@gmail.com

Team mom         Catherine Schwarz         catherine@k-schwarz.com  

Team Liaison     Sheila Lacks

For day to day XC questions please contact Coach Barajas or Catherine Schwarz.


**August 16th practices change to M-F 4:00-5:30pm

**Team Pictures August 16th at 4:00, runners must wear their uniforms. We will practice after pictures. Please see link for order form http://southcharlottesportsreport.com/WMS/

**Optional practice Saturday, 8/17 8:00-9:00am @ Cuthbertson- for runners wanting to run and view the course before the meet. We will meet in the field next to the Cuthbertson Middle School parking lot. 1520 Cuthbertson Rd, Waxhaw, NC 28173. 

**Running logs are due August 19th!

**Optional practice Friday, August 30th  4:00-5:30pm ,due to the holiday weekend. Parents are welcome to join us and see how hard our athletes have been working and we’ll still have Chocolate Milk Friday!


3K Results 7-29-2019

Last Name First Name Place 3k time
Morrone Nikolas 1 12:46.9
Anson Everett 2 12:51.2
Taylor Anderson 3 13:15.0
Clark Jonas 4 13:33.8
Bates Hunter 5 13:36.7
Wolf Jack 6 13:41.7
Hanson Grace 7 13:44.4
Register Luke 8 13:49.1
Harrison Hope 9 13:50.4
Kenary Mason 10 13:51.1
Hornberger Carter 11 13:59.1
Illson Thomas 12 14:04.8
Sanderson Hunter 13 14:15.9
Durham David 14 14:17.1
Schwarz Amy 15 14:21.5
Clark Elijah 16 14:22.4
Balaban Matthew 17 14:23.5
Perez Jason 18 14:38.6
Fiore Daniel 19 14:41.0
Townshend Emerson 20 14:42.6
Taylor Sienna 21 14:45.0
Jones Lilly 22 14:59.9
Capone Slutz Alden 23 15:03.4
Lanzy Ava 24 15:08.8
Key Zoe 25 15:09.8
Mervich Allisun 26 15:23.0
Stafford Jacob 27 15:24.1
Starkie Dallin 28 16:00.9
Eccleston Eliana 29 16:01.9
Grace Kathryn 30 16:11.5
Davis Graeson 31 16:12.5
Gough Laila 32 16:13.2
McKelvey Luke 33 16:15.3
Tomcho Tade 34 16:22.7
Halpin Luke 35 16:36.6
Illson Caitlin 36 16:37.9
Mucci Ava 37 16:44.8
Herndon Caroline 38 17:18.0
Gooding Jackson 39 17:34.6
Gray Christian 40 17:52.6
Beilke Marissa 41 18:01.0
Wood Aj 42 18:11.0
de Quadros Liam 43 18:12.5
Haynes Andrew 44 18:42.4
Montes Isabella 45 19:06.6
Matrab Leena 46 19:31.6
Moore Lila 47 19:34.3
Donnelly Milo 48 19:57.3
Fabrizio Jayden 49 20:12.9
Mumpower Julianna 50 20:54.0
Nixon Ava 51 21:05.1
Roach Victor 52 22:44.5
Felipe Jillian 53 23:23.7
Crabill Samuel 54 23:27.2
Mumpower Ethan 55 26:54.1
Thompson Sophie DNF  
Wolf Ashley DNF  
Marek Effie DNF  


**Chocolate Milk Fridays- sign up  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e044fafaa2b0-chocolate1

** Aug 3rd - Aug 11th CHARLOTTE RUNNING COMPANY is offering our team running shoes and spikes at a discount the week  (flyer)



We have set up a text reminder system for updates, last minute notices etc. If you would like to receive these text messages, please text this message: @cschwarza to 81010

Or you can join at https://remind.com/join/cschwarza -You will need to rejoin the group, even if you signed up last year.

***We will always meet at the elementary school flagpole.  Please have your child bring water to every practice, wear running shoes and remember if your're not 5 minutes early then you're 10 minutes late!!!



Mandatory Pratice begins July 22nd-  M-F 8:00- 9:30am

Beginning August 16th practices change to M-F 4:00-5:30pm

**Starting August 16th, practices will be switched to PM hours because teachers will be returning to school. 



June 10      1st Optional Practice

July 8              1st 3k Run  

July 22        2nd 3k Run    

July 22        1st Mandatory Practice 

July 29        3k Time Trial

TBA            1st Meet


The tentative meet schedule can be found at 




All runners are required to run a minimum of 100 miles from June 1st to August 19th, if they do not run and log 100 miles and turn in their running log by the August 19th they will not be able participate in our first meet.

Running logs can be downloaded here: https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.leagueathletics.com/Images/Club/4623/XCRunningLog2019.pdf


3K Run Goals:

The 3K Run time goals for this season will be based on running our 3K course in the following times:

Boys - 16:00 min

Girls - 17:00 min

**If you are not able to attend the 1st 3k Run, you should still plan to attend practice that week on the days you are available.