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Click on the link to read the Carolina Midget Football League Rules:


Rules to Know:

Eighth grade division is made up of eighth graders who have not reached their fifteenth (15th) birthday by October 15th. The maximum weight limit for players in the backfield in this division is 170 pounds.

No metal cleats are permitted. Screw-in cleats are allowed as long as they are in good condition with no metal showing. If violated, the player will be removed from the game and his team will be accessed a 15-yard penalty with loss of down. The violating player’s cleats must be replaced or repaired before he can return to the game.

Each participant must submit to his coach or sponsoring organization, a certified birth certificate (not a photo copy unless notarized) or notarized school records as valid proof of age before being allowed to participate in any portion of the CMF program at the league level. This shall include all games, practices, and regular season. Each coach or sponsoring organization must present these to the Rules Committee at the weigh-in. In the event that a certified birth certificate or notarized school record cannot be obtained, other proof, as determined by the Rules Committee, shall be considered on an individual basis. This other valid proof must be submitted to the Rules Committee for consideration at least one (1) week prior to the official weigh-in to allow ample time for consideration.