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by posted 07/09/2020

Parents and athletes, 

     Now that we have registrations completed for middle school cross country, let’s get the training plan more in motion.  Most athletes that ran last year know the importance of conditioning throughout the summer.  And I assume they have been. This year is no different than any other except for COVID-19 and the fact that we can’t train together until the end of July.  This means it is important to get running NOW.  

     If you have signed up for XC, get out and run.  It is important to get a base of running experience now, don’t wait until team practice starts.  For beginners, start by running a mile or so each day or every other day. As you feel better and stronger move up to 2 miles, then 3 miles each other day. For our experienced runners, I would hope you have been going about 3 miles a day average.  Once we have been OK’d to start practice, we will break into groups, each determined by your age and ability.  

     I anticipate having to split into pods of 25 or less and practice social distancing as we are doing on the high school level.  We have several parents that will be assistant coaching and each in charge of a separate pod. We will all follow the same training plan just in different locations and maybe on different days.  We will have to wait and see how the protocols are instructed. 

     But in the mean time, get out and run!  That’s all you need to do to get ready for the season.  RUN, RUN, RUN.  

     As information about the season is given to me, I will let everyone know ASAP. 


Coach Chris Barajas

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